The Edinger's Place in West Michigan

We're glad you stopped in

Some pictures of the house in various seasons.  Here on the west side of Michigan we get quite a bit of Lake Effect Snow as you can notice below:

Spring is nice with the apple trees blossoming and the anticipation of a falls apple harvest.

West Michigan is very nice in all seasons.  There is something to do for everyone from ski slopes to tubing runs during the winter and nearby beaches to water sports in the summer.

The weather can change quite rapidly and so it is important to check it out prior to any decision being made on what to do. Also there is the ability to look at a webcam to see what is happening exactly at the destination you have chosen.

I have decided to add some Cavalry Pictures of my old unit in the Army for all the "Troopers" out there.  I served in E Troop, 1st of the 10th Cavalry, which is one of the very historic units called "Buffalo Soldiers".

I have also decided to include some pictures for the guys served with me in various Transportation units throughout the world. 

Nancy and I are attending church at Daystar Ministries and like the people there very much.  They are some of the friendliest people we know.

I currently am playing Railroad Tycoon 3 and Day of Defeat.  You can sometimes find me on the internet in one of these multiplayer scenarios.

Lastly, if someone is looking for a bargain, they should check out Fatwallet or Techbargains for the latest in good deals both on the web and at the local stores.

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